Floor Care Starter Kit


check ECO & POWER cleaner
check Four-piece stain set
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check Handy stain cleaning table

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With this starter kit, you get everything you need to maintain and clean your cast floor. This way you can enjoy a beautiful floor for longer.

The starter pack includes:

  • ECO cleaner: daily cleaner
  • POWER cleaner: periodic cleaner
  • Four-piece stain set: 3 stain cleaners and 1 microfiber cloth
  • Sample of Scratch no More
  • Handy table with information on cleaning different types of stains

Convenient label on the lid: stain chart
On the lid of our starter pack, you’ll find a handy chart that tells you which product to use for which stains.

ECO cleaner:
Our ECO cleaner is a fresh-smelling cleaner, specially developed for the daily cleaning of a cast floor.

POWER cleaner:
The POWER cleaner is a powerful cleaner for removing grease, oil, printing ink, soot, wax and other stubborn dirt.

Stain set:
Are you not getting your cast floor clean with our ECO or POWER cleaner? Then get to work with the products in the stain kit. It contains 3 stain cleaners and 1 microfiber cloth.

Sample of Scratch no More
Protect your cast floor from scratches with Scratch no More’s high-quality floor protection products. In our starter pack you will find a sample of one of these products.

There is a suitable product for every chair or table leg. Here you can find our assortment.

Additional Accessories
You can also supplement our floor care starter pack with:




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