FLOW RESIN Universal epoxy casting resin fast

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check For layers up to 5mm thick
check Very high UV resistance
check Can be handled and overcoated after 16 hours

Which epoxy should I choose?

Epoxy is a very versatile product. With this decision aid you are assured of the right epoxy at home!

What are you going to use the epoxy for?

A. To coat furniture

B. As a UV-resistant top layer

C. To pour furniture or moulds

D. To create 2D artworks

E. I want to try everything with it

The best epoxy for your project can be found in the table below. Finally, choose the desired layer thickness.

Product Processing time max. layer thickness
a FLOW RESIN Epoxy Coating Transparent UV 20 minutes 0.5 cm
B FLOW RESIN Epoxy casting resin UV resistant 120 min 3 cm
C FLOW RESIN Epoxy casting resin for medium castings 120 min 3 cm
C FLOW RESIN Epoxy casting resin for large castings 360 min 10 cm
d FLOW RESIN UV Resin Art Epoxy MV – thick 20 minutes 0.5 cm
d FLOW RESIN UV Resin Art Epoxy LV – thin 120 min 3 cm
E FLOW RESIN Universal epoxy casting resin fast 20 minutes 0.5 cm
E FLOW RESIN Universal epoxy casting resin slow 100 min 3 cm

Applications Universal epoxy casting resin fast

  • Gluing objects
  • Closing objects as protection from the elements
  • Production of very or particularly light parts, such as the processing of glass fabric
  • Production and processing of carbon fiber (carbon), aramid fabrics
  • Pouring objects with a thin layer for protection
  • Production of glass or carbon laminates or molds is required

Advantages Universal epoxy casting resin fast UV

  • UV stable
  • Fast curing
  • Processing height 1 – 5 mm
  • Excellent self-venting ability
  • Mixing ratio by weight 100:50 or 2:1
  • Crystal clear (highly transparent)

Applying color in casting resin

If you want to apply a nice color instead of the standard transparent casting resin, there is plenty of choice! We have clear (transparent), metallic and RAL pigments available. In addition, the ready-made combinations such as the Earth-collection and Sea-collection .


set Epoxy resin (comp. A) Hardener (comp. B)
0.75 kg 0.50 kg 0.25 kg
1.50 kg 1.00 kg 0.50 kg
3.00 kg 2.00 kg 1.00 kg
7.50 kg 5.00 kg 2.50 kg
15.0 kg 10.0 kg 5.00 kg
30.0 kg 20.0 kg 10.0 kg


  • Processing time 500gr* at 20 degrees: 20 minutes
  • Curing time (20 degrees): 16 to 24 hours
  • Full curing: 7 days
  • Minimum casting height: 1mm (0.1cm)
  • Maximum casting height: 5mm (0.5cm)
  • Consumption per m2 (per mm height): 1.10 kg
  • Temperature resistance: 65 degrees

*With a large quantity, the processing time is shorter due to exothermic reaction in the mixing bucket. Never mix more than necessary.

Glue, putty and lamination based on epoxy casting resin and filler

Universal epoxy casting resin fast/slow can also be mixed with various fillers to obtain a desired mass. With cotton fiber you make a strong wood glue and with Sylothix an extremely strong glue paste for many different applications.

Make an easy to sand lightweight putty based on universal epoxy casting resin quickly/slowly in combination with the white microballoons.

Universal epoxy casting resin can also be used for lamination. Because both the fast and slow Flow Resin Universal epoxy casting resin is UV-stable, it can be perfectly used for laminating with carbon fiber (carbon).

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