Greenspeed Sprenklerset
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Greenspeed Sprenklerset


check Hygienic, ergonomic, efficient & sustainable
check Cleans more surface efficiently
check Washable more than 500 times
check No more lugging heavy buckets

Contents: Stem of 145cm + bottle + holder + cover.

Greenspeed Sprenklerset, complete set for floor cleaning. Consists of a 145 cm Sprenkler handle (with integrated water reservoir), flat mop holder with cover and filling bottle for filling the handle.

Fill, spray & clean hygienically.

  • Hygienic, ergonomic, efficient & sustainable
  • Cleans more surface efficiently
  • Washable over 500 times (Twist Mop)
  • No more lugging heavy buckets
  • Metered water use, so short drying time.


  1. Attach the Flat Mop Sheet Velcro under the Sprenkler Handle.
  2. Open the stem reservoir at the top by turning the green cap upwards. Fill the reservoir with water, use the handy dosing bottle. Twist the cap back down.
  3. Place the Twist Mop Velcro under the flat mop plate.
  4. Press the pressure cap on the Sprenkler stem. The water automatically sprays from the handle. Dose the water as desired.
  5. Spray & mop the floor with a circular motion. Start in the corners and work your way to the door. To ensure the long life of the Sprenklersteel, empty the reservoir after each use.

Washing instructions:

We recommend washing the mops at 60°C with a detergent for colored fabrics such as Greenspeed detergent.

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