Mapei Keraflex Extra S1 LD Grey

check Floors, walls, indoors & outdoors
check Applicable on various substrates
check Water and weather resistant adhesive layer

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Indoor and outdoor bonding of ceramic tiles, slabs, vitrified clay, ceramic mosaic, clinker, etc., on floors and walls. Also suitable for the application of cladding on heated floors, of stone strips on facades and for the application of color and shape resistant natural stone. Examples of Applications Use on virtually all traditional, clean, load-bearing substrates that meet the standard and have been properly pre-treated, such as:

  • Cement and lime cement plasters, porous concrete;
  • Gypsum plasters;
  • Gypsum board and gypsum fiber boards (assembled);
  • Old coverings of tile, natural and artificial stone;
  • Gypsum screeds, anhydrite screeds, dry screeds, quick-drying MAPEI screeds, as a separate layer or in combination with other coverings, heated floors and so on;
  • Concrete work at least 4 months old and cement screeds older than 21 days.


Keraflex S1 is a flexible, plastic-modified powder adhesive containing high-quality cement and aggregates with a selected grain structure. Mixed with water, Keraflex S1 forms an easily workable, stable adhesive with high adhesive strength and good workability. Cured, Keraflex S1 forms a water and weather resistant adhesive layer with excellent adhesion and a high degree of flexibility.



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