Mapei Ultralite S1 Grey
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Mapei Ultralite S1 Grey


check Indoor and outdoor use
check Also on uneven surfaces
check innovative Low-Dust Technology


Indoor and outdoor bonding of virtually all sizes and types of ceramic tiles (double-fired, single-fired, porcelain, clinker, terracoatta, etc.) on uneven surfaces without prior leveling.

  • Indoor and outdoor bonding of most types of mosaic, even in swimming pools.
  • Indoor and outdoor bonding of natural stone (provided it is solid and moisture resistant).
  • Bonding of thin porcelain tiles on floors and walls, including exterior walls. Application examples
  • Bonding ceramic tile (double fired, single fired, porcelain, clinker, terracoatta, etc.), natural stone (provided moisture resistant) and thin and large format porcelain tile to traditional substrates, such as:
  • cement and anhydrite screeds (after pretreatment and application of a suitable primer);
  • heated screeds;
  • cement or lime mortar plaster;
  • gypsum plaster (after application of a suitable primer);
  • drywall, precast panels, cement fiber panels;
  • waterproofing membranes from Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic Aquadefense and Mapegum WPS.
  • Installing ceramic and natural stone on existing floors (of ceramic, marble, etc.).
  • Applying to bonded wood, fiberboard, old solid wood floors.
  • Applying ceramic and natural stone to balconies, patios and paving slabs exposed to direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations.
  • Applying to precast concrete walls and concrete substrates.
  • The application of ceramics in poorly ventilated areas near homes, where dust should be minimized during mixing and movement of bags.


Ultralite S1 is a gray or white powder consisting of cement, selected graded sand and a large quantity of synthetic resins, supplemented by microspheres obtained from silica that make the mixture light, according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratory, as a contribution to a sustainable construction sector. The innovative Low-Dust technology characteristic of this adhesive reduces the amount of dust released during the mixing of the product compared to standard MAPEI cement adhesives, making the worker’s work with this product more pleasant and safer. Thanks to the special technology used, Ultralite S1 has a low density, which provides two important advantages:

1) the Ultralite S1 bags have the same volume but weigh less (15 kg) than traditional cement adhesives (25 kg). This allows for easier use and savings in transportation costs;

2) higher efficiency: consumption is about 60% lower compared to traditional MAPEI cement adhesives.

The low viscosity of Ultralite S1 allows it to be applied easily and quickly. Nevertheless, Ultralite S1 has such a viscosity that tiles applied to the wall, even of large size, are less likely to slip. Ultralite S1’s excellent back-buttering capacity and thixotropic consistency make it particularly suitable for laying thin porcelain tiles. In fact, the application of Ultralite S1 using the back-buttering technique on flat substrates ensures that there are virtually no voids in the adhesive on the back of the tiles, thus avoiding the risk of breakage due to loading. The excellent non-slip properties make it particularly easy and safe to apply tiles to vertical surfaces. After mixing with water, Ultralite S1 forms a mortar with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent ability to absorb deformations in the substrate;
  • excellent back-buttering on tiles;
  • Excellent adhesion to most materials used in construction;
  • particularly long open time and correction time facilitate installation.


0.8 kg/m2 per mm layer thickness, equivalent to 1.5-2.5 kg/m2.

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