Mapei Mapefloor Finish 52W


check Transparent protective layer
check Semi-mat and wear-resistant
check Good protection of concrete structures


Mapefloor Finish 52 W has been specially developed for the application of a transparent, semi-matt and wear-resistant protection of epoxy resin-based products such as Mapefloor I 300 SL and Mapefloor I 500 W. This product is particularly suitable as a primer for Mapefloor Finish 58 W on cementitious systems such as Ultratop, Ultratop Living and Ultratop Loft and as a dust and oil repellent treatment for concrete and naturally finished concrete floors, without giving the surface a “wet effect”. Because Mapefloor Finish 52 W penetrates well into cementitious substrates, it can also be used for the protection of concrete structures that are subject to a slight influence of chemical substances.

Examples of applications:

  • Transparent finish on resin floors, such as Mapefloor System 53 and Mapefloor System 33.
  • Primer for Mapefloor Finish 58 W on substrates with Ultratop, Ultratop Living or Ultratop Loft.
  • Dust-resistant treatment of new and existing industrial concrete floors with a light load.
  • Transparent protective layer for concrete structures that are subject to a light effect of chemical substances.

Technical features

Mapefloor Finish 52 W is a solvent-free, two-component, slightly yellowing polyurethane finishing product in aqueous dispersion, produced according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s research laboratories. Mapefloor Finish 52 W does not lead to a significant change in color of the treated surface after drying. This property is important if you want to preserve the original appearance of a treated surface. Mapefloor Finish 52 W can be applied by roller or airless spray in layer thicknesses from 60 to 100 microns. When applied to absorbent cementitious substrates, Mapefloor Finish 52 W is used to ensure even absorption of the surface before the final treatment of Mapefloor Finish 58 W is applied.


  • Do not use Mapefloor Finish 52 W on dusty, crumbly or incoherent substrates.
  • Do not apply Mapefloor Finish 52 W to surfaces that are wet or have oil or grease stains.
  • Light white streaks may appear when applied to dark colored non-cement bonded substrates. Carry out pre-testing.


50-150 g/m2 per coat, depending on substrate properties.

Additional information

Weight 5,4 kg

canteens, catering industry, company kitchen, Hospitals, Houses, Museums, Offices, Retail spaces, Schools




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