Mapei Primer SN
Mapei Primer SN Epoxy Filler
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Mapei Primer SN Epoxy Filler

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see Two component epoxy putty
see Can also be used on slightly damp surfaces
see Can be supplemented with Mapei quartz 0.5 for better adhesion with subsequent coats


Primer SN has been specially developed as a primer for substrates on which epoxy or polyurethane products from the Mapefloor range or self-leveling cement mortars from the Ultratop/Ultratop Living range are applied to protect and finish civil and industrial floors, terrazzo floors and cementitious substrates in general. .

Examples of applications:

  • As an adhesion promoter for epoxy and polyurethane coatings in general.
  • As an adhesion promoter for self-leveling and/or multilayer coating products.
  • As an adhesion promoter for synthetic mortar floors.
  • As an adhesion enhancer for coatings from the Ultratop and Ultratop Living ranges.
  • As a liquid adhesive for sealing cracks and structural bonding.


Primer SN is a two-component epoxy resin primer, with filler, according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s research laboratories. The product should be applied with a roller, metal trowel or smooth floor wiper. Primer SN can be used on its own or supplemented with Quartz 0.5 to improve the adhesion of subsequent resin coatings and leveling coats. Thanks to its special composition, the substrate can be well impregnated with Primer SN and the product can also be applied to slightly damp substrates.


0.3-0.7 kg/m2 per coat, depending on substrate properties such as roughness, absorbency, temperature, etc.

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