Mapei Mapesil LM 310ml
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Mapei Mapesil LM 310ml


check For natural stone and marble
check Neutral, mildew-resistant silicone sealant
check Grouting remains intact even after years of exposure to weather, industrial environmental influences

Neutral, mildew-resistant silicone sealant with extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission, for natural stone and marble

Application domain

Mapei Mapesil LM is a solvent-free sealant with a small modulus of elasticity, especially for sealing all materials sensitive to acids and plasticizers, marble, granite, sandstone and quartz. This is because the chemical nature of this sealant ensures that there is no separation or migration of plasticizers on the surface, thus eliminating staining. Thanks to its chemical properties, it is also ideally suited for very delicate materials, such as mirrors, brick, aerated concrete and painted and varnished wood. In general, Mapesil LM also adheres excellently to non-absorbent substrates such as glass, ceramics, clinker, enameled surfaces, water- or solvent-based paints, metals in general and many plastics. In addition, it is ideal for use on absorbent mineral substrates, such as concrete, plaster and asbestos cement. Generally, the adhesion on these substrates is very good even without a primer (consult MAPEI Technical Service in advance). Works well in treated water usually found in swimming pools. Mapesil LM, thanks to its small modulus of elasticity, is therefore suitable for sealing connection and dilation joints, whether or not subject to large movements, indoors and outdoors, between:

  • prefabricated slabs;
  • window and wall frames and wall openings;
  • piping and vertical walls;
  • cladding elements of equal or different nature. The product is also suitable for sealing floor joints in environments with limited foot traffic.

Technical features

  • Mapesil LM, one-component silicone joint sealant with neutral cross-bonding, solvent-free and odorless, has the appearance of a thixotropic paste that is easy to work with, both horizontally and vertically, and which undergoes cross-bonding at room temperature due to the action of the air humidity present and thus transforms into an elastic material.
  • The joints made with Mapesil LM remain intact even after years of exposure to weather, to industrial environmental influences, to large temperature differences, to water; they remain flexible at temperatures between -40°C and +150°C.
  • Mapesil LM slows the formation of surface fungi.
  • Mapesil LM is generally well resistant to chemicals, but due to the multitude of products and their mode of action, however, it is necessary to carry out tests beforehand in cases of doubt.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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