Mapei Keracolor FF
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Mapei Keracolor FF


check Interior and exterior grouting of floor and wall tiles
check Water repellent, cementitious mortar
check Water repellent with drip effect

High-quality, polymer-modified, water-repellent, cementitious mortar with DropEffect® technology for joints up to 6 mm


  • Interior and exterior grouting of floor and wall tiles (single fired, double fired, clinker, vitrified tiles, etc.), stone (natural stone, marble, granite, composite stone, etc.), glass and marble mosaic.

Application examples

  • Indoor grouting of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Grouting of swimming pools.
  • Grouting particularly smooth and shiny floor surfaces (smooth and polished porcelain, marble and enameled tiles).
  • Grouting ceramic industrial floors, which do not need to be resistant to chemicals (garages, warehouses, etc.)

Technical features

Keracolor FF is a mixture of cement, particularly fine aggregates, special polymers, admixtures and pigments. Due to the use of special, hydrophobic additives (DropEffect® technology), the grout obtained is highly water repellent, making the grout less prone to contamination and highly durable. Mixing this product with the specified amount of water and using it properly will create a grout with the following properties:

  • Water repellent with drip effect;
  • Good compressive and flexural strength, resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and therefore very durable.
  • a smooth end surface with low water absorption, so easy to clean.
  • excellent wear resistance.
  • low shrinkage, so little chance of cracking and tearing.
  • Good resistance to acids with a pH > 3.
  • an excellent price/quality ratio.

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n.100 White, n.103 White Moon, n.110 Manhattan, n.111 Silver Grey, n.112 Medium Grey, n.113 Cement Grey, n.114 Anthracite, n.130 Jasmine




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