Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus
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Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus


check Resistant to the growth of fungi and algae
check For indoor and outdoor surfaces
check Applicable to absorbent substrates and promotes good adhesion


Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane- and siloxane-based primer in water emulsion used for absorbent substrates to make them suitable for painting with finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range. In addition, Silancolor Primer Plus is resistant to the growth of mold and algae.

Silancolor Primer Plus forms the basis of the Silancolor Plus system for protecting walls.

Silancolor Primer Plus fully protects from the beginning of the paint cycle and helps to eliminate the causes of damage to walls caused by the growth and spread of algae and mold.

Application examples

Basic preparation, before painting, of facades damaged by algae and fungi, or for surfaces where deposits of these types of micro-organisms must be prevented.


Silancolor Primer Plus together with the colored finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range forms a paint system for interior and exterior surfaces. It guarantees broad protection against the action of chemicals, UV rays and moisture, while maintaining the breathability of the substrate and forming a water repellent layer. It also provides protection against micro-organisms that damage and destroy the walls of buildings.

Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxane-based primer in aqueous dispersion that has very good penetration.

Silancolor Primer Plus is used on absorbent substrates and promotes good adhesion.

Silancolor Primer Plus is odorless and contains no solvents, making it suitable for applications in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas. Silancolor Primer Plus contains an anti fungal and algae agent.


Consumption is highly dependent on the suction of the substrate. Under normal conditions, consumption is typically 0.10 to 0.30 kg/m2.

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