Mapei Ultrabond Eco P909 2K
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Mapei Ultrabond Eco P909 2K


check Water and solvent free
check Bonding of all types and sizes of wood floors.
check Suitable for heated surfaces


Bonding of all types and sizes of wood floors.

Application examples

Ultrabond Eco P909 2K is used for bonding wood mosaic (EN13488), solid wood without tongue and groove (EN 13227), solid wood with tongue and groove (EN 13226), pre-assembled hardwood planks (EN 13629), multilayer parquet elements (EN 13489) and all types of prefabricated parquet on cement screeds, Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem, Topcem Pronto screeds and similar products; existing ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo tile floors. Also on existing floors of ceramic, marble, terrazzo, existing floors of glued wood and anhydrite screeds. In addition, it is suitable for heated surfaces.

Technical Features

Ultrabond Eco P909 2K is a water- and solvent-free, two-component adhesive with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus). Component A is a polyurethane polymer and component B a liquid hardener. After mixing the two components, an adhesive with an even color is produced, which can be easily applied with a notched adhesive comb. The relief (adhesive bead) of the adhesive remains excellently intact. After curing (approximately 24 hours at room temperature) by chemical reaction, Ultrabond Eco P909 2K forms a strong adhesive film that adheres strongly to any substrate, including non-absorbent substrates.


Depending on the type of substrate, 800-1,000 g/m2.

Product tools

A lino/parquet comb is recommended for the Mapei Ultrabond Eco P909. This is the chip holder with teeth B1 or B11. This leaves the right amount of glue on the surface for a quality bond.



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