Mapei Ultrabond Eco S940 1K
Mapei Ultrabond Eco S940 1K
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Mapei Ultrabond Eco S940 1K


see Parquet adhesive applicable to various substrates
see Suitable for gluing solid wood products, up to 9 cm
see Suitable for heated surfaces


Suitable for laying all types of pre-painted plywood floors and medium-sized solid wood planks up to 9 cm wide. Some application examples Ultrabond Eco S940 1K is used for bonding veneered plywood parquet on: cement screeds, screeds of Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem, Topcem Pronto and similar products, existing wooden floors, ceramic, marble, terrazzo, etc. and anhydrite screeds. It is also suitable for heated surfaces.

Technical Characteristics

Ultrabond Eco S940 1K is a one-component adhesive based on silylated polymers, free of water, solvents, amines, isocyanates and epoxy resins, with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus). Developed in MAPEI’s laboratories, the product has the following properties:

  • Ready-to-use one-component adhesive; addition of hardener and mixing is not necessary. The unused adhesive, if properly stored, can be reused at a later date;
  • suitable for use by persons allergic to epoxy and epoxy-polyurethane products;
  • GEV certified as having very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus);
  • no danger or warning signs or messages;
  • easy to apply with perfect glue beads;
  • 20 to 30% more yield compared to traditional two-component adhesives, thanks to its low viscosity and good lubricity when applied with a trowel;
  • complete absence of solvents;
  • easy to remove from hands and veneers;
  • can be combined with Ultracoat and Ultracoat Oil primers and water-based paints.



Product tools

A PVC trowel or lino/parquet comb is recommended for Mapei Ultrabond Eco S940. This is the chip holder with teeth B1 or B11. This leaves the right amount of adhesive on the surface for good adhesion.

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