Mapei Ultracolor Plus
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Mapei Ultracolor Plus


check Colors are resistant to UV rays and weather effects
check The interior and exterior grouting of all types of ceramic floors and walls
check Water repellent and drip effect


Interior and exterior grouting of all types of ceramic floors and walls (double-baked, single-baked, clinker, porcelain, etc.), terracotta, stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), glass and marble mosaic.

Application examples

  • Grouting of floors and walls in areas subject to heavy traffic (airports, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, etc.).
  • Grouting of floors and walls in residential areas (hotels, private houses, etc.).
  • Grouting of floors and walls on facades, balconies, terraces and in swimming pools.

Technical features

Ultracolor Plus is a mortar composed of a mixture of special hydraulic binders, graded aggregates, special polymers, water-repellent admixtures, organic molecules and pigments. Ultracolor Plus does not contain Portland cement, making it a safe product for users. At the basis of Ultracolor Plus is the Ultracolor technology which is based on a special, self-hydrating, hydraulic binder that guarantees perfectly even colors, through two innovative technologies that are the result of MAPEI research: BioBlock® and DropEffect®. BioBlock® technology is characterized by special organic molecules that distribute evenly in the microstructure of the grout, blocking the formation of microorganisms that cause mold damage. Synergistic DropEffect® technology reduces surface water absorption. Mixing Ultracolor Plus with the recommended amount of water and using it properly creates a grout with the following characteristics:

  • Water repellent and drip effect;
  • even color and free of stains since Ultracolor Plus does not cause a rash. An analysis performed with an electron microscope (SEM) shows that, compared to Portland cement-based binders in a normal cement grout, the special cements in Ultracolor Plus do not generate calcium hydroxide crystals (hydrolyzed lime) during the hydration process, which cause efflorescence;
  • colors are resistant to UV rays and weathering;
  • Short waiting time for cleaning and easy finishing;
  • After a short period of time lightly walkable and ready for use;
  • smooth, compact surface, with low water absorption and therefore easy to clean;
  • shrinkage compensated, so virtually free of cracks;
  • Optimal wear, compression and flexural strength, even after freeze/thaw cycles and therefore very durable;
  • Good resistance to acids with pH > 3.



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n.100 White, n.103 White Moon, n.113 Cement Grey


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