Mapei Mapesil AC 310ml
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Mapei Mapesil AC 310ml


check Silicone sealant with reticulation based on acetic acid
check Suitable for sealing glass, ceramics and anodized aluminum
check Available in 10 colors


Mapesil AC is an acetic acid-based silicone sealant with reticulation, suitable for sealing glass, ceramics and anodized aluminum. When combined with the adhesion enhancer Primer FD, this sealant can also be applied to concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber. Mapesil AC is used for:

  • Sealing dilation joints with ±25% movement from the original size.
  • Forming a completely elastic seal between structural elements in construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, automotive and other industries. Application examples
  • Sealing of ceramic and cement coatings on walls and floors, provided they are not subject to heavy wear.
  • Sealing of plumbing and ceramic tile in kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms in a color that matches the color of the grout.
  • Sealing expansion joints in swimming pools.
  • Merging glass tiles and artistic stained glass windows.
  • Sealing glass in door and window frames.
  • Sealing air ducts, water pipes.
  • Sealing portholes, windows, glazing.
  • Sealing of reservoirs, pipes and boilers.
  • Sealing materials with different coefficients of expansion.
  • Bonding and sealing in general.

Technical features

Mapesil AC is a solvent-free, one-component silicone sealant with reticulation based on acetic acid, available in both transparent and colored versions. This sealant is in the form of a thixotropic paste and can be easily applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Net formation occurs after exposure to ambient temperature humidity creating an elastic product with the following properties:

  • excellent durability. The sealant will not deteriorate even after years of exposure to extreme weather, industrial air pollution, large temperature changes and immersion in water;
  • great elasticity;
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics and anodized aluminum;
  • mold resistant;
  • waterproof and vapor permeable;
  • resistant to chemical substances;
  • flexible to -40° C and resistant to temperatures up to +180° C;
  • easy to process;

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

n.100 White, n.103 White Moon, n.111 Silver Grey, n.112 Medium Grey, n.113 Cement Grey, n.114 Anthracite, n.120 Black, n.130 Jasmine, n.99 Transparant




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