Wilsor Epoxy Carbon Set
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Wilsor Epoxy Carbon Set


check Complete set for a small job
check 300 grams Wilsor epoxy, 0.2 m2 carbon and mixing cup
check super strong

Epoxy carbon set (resin + harder + carbon fabric)

Epoxy resin is a high quality, clear resin – strong and wear resistant. Adheres to practically any surface, but does not affect that surface (eg polystyrene foam), as is often the case with polyester resin. Epoxy resin does not shrink when cured. That is why it is a popular material for making molds. Warping due to shrinkage does not occur. Our normal laminating epoxy is strong up to ±70º after curing.

Epoxy resin adheres well to almost anything. Just think of gluing wooden boats together. It holds the fibers of the glass mat well and is partly because of this so strong. Due to this tough strength, it is often used in surfboards, skis, model airplanes as well as real airplanes, etc.



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