Wilsor Polyester Resin Repair Kit
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Wilsor Polyester Resin Repair Kit


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Wilsor Polyester resin is a synthetic resin that hardens after the hardener has been added. Polyester resin is used in the manufacture of, for example, yachts, spoilers, sculptures, etc. Polyester resin obtains its strength by means of a reinforcement material such as glass mat, Kevlar or carbon. The resin can be applied to stone , steel , polyester and epoxy as long as the surface is grease -free and roughly sanded . Polyester resin does not adhere to epoxy, polyethylene and Teflon.

Reinforcement material

Since the polyester resin itself is quite brittle, you should reinforce it with a reinforcement material. This is, for example, fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar mat. These can be woven or laid in front as a chopping mat.

Polyester Resin Compared To Epoxy Resin


  • Fast curing
  • Price
  • Curing can be set with amount of hardener


  • Shrinks moderate adhesion
  • Characteristic air


  1. Sand the damaged part and make sure it is dry, free of dust and grease.
  2. Add harder approx. 2% max 4% with respect to the polyester resin. More harder means faster curing. The packaging of 250 and 500 ml only hardens with a BP tube. This paste should be rubbed well against the wall of the mixing cup to obtain a good mixture. Packaging 1 ltr and 5 ltr only cure using MEK hardener.
  3. Apply the polyester resin with a brush, then place any reinforcement material in the polyester resin.
  4. Tampon the reinforcement material so that it is soaked with resin. You should avoid air bubbles.
  5. Once cured you can cut away the protruding fibers and sand and coat the surface smooth.



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