Mapei Eco Prim grip plus
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Mapei Eco Prim grip plus

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Universal, ready-to-use primer for interior and exterior floors and walls. Eco Prim Grip can be used to improve the adhesion of virtually all types of cement, gypsum and lime based plaster on substrates of concrete, brick, compacted concrete blocks, lightweight blocks and gypsum. Eco Prim Grip is also suitable for improving the adhesion of adhesives for ceramics, leveling and levelling coatings on non-absorbent substrates, such as ceramic, terrazzo and natural stone floors.

Examples of applications:

  • Application of plaster to substrates of concrete, masonry, etc.
  • Application of leveling and flattening layers on existing ceramic, terrazzo and natural stone floors.
  • Application of ceramic and natural stone floors on existing ceramic floors.

Technical features

Eco Prim Grip is a solvent-free primer composed of synthetic resin in aqueous dispersion and selected inert substances, with excellent adhesion, resistance to water and aging. It creates a rough adhesive surface, ideal for plasters, smoothing and levelling coats; it guarantees excellent adhesion on smooth or poorly absorbent surfaces and it reduces and evenly distributes the water absorption of absorbent substrates. After drying, the product guarantees strong adhesion of cementitious plaster or various substrates: concrete, aerated concrete blocks, brick, stone, drywall, wood, ceramics, metal, plaster, gypsum, etc. Eco Prim Grip is a ready-to-use gray latex that is easy to apply with a roller or brush. Eco Prim Grip is non-flammable and has extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. As a result, this product is absolutely harmless to those who work with it and to the end users of the spaces in which it is applied. In addition, the product can be stored without special precautions.


Eco Prim Grip can be applied to the substrate with a roller or brush. Once Eco Prim Grip is dry, the plaster or leveling coat can be applied. The minimum waiting time is 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the ambient conditions and the suction of the substrate. It is possible to apply a second coat of Eco Prim Grip a long time after applying the first coat.


Consumption ranges from 0.20 to 0.30 kg/m2, depending on the suction of the substrate.

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