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Epoxy Shop Epoxy Casting Resin UV Slow
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Epoxy Shop Epoxy Casting Resin UV Slow


check Fully UV resistant
check low odor
check Easy to pour
check Transparent

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NB! New packaging which makes it different from the picture shown today.

Epoxy casting resin is mainly used for table molding, jewelry making and other decorative applications. Epoxy casting resin is a decorative or strong finish for your furniture.

UV-resistant epoxy casting resin has the following properties:

  • Free from solvents
  • low odor
  • Transparent
  • Fully UV resistant
  • Easy to pour
  • Beautifully pigmented with PourPoxy pigments
  • Easily adheres to almost any surface
  • Both fast and slow resins available

Epoxy Casting Resin Slow

This casting resin can be handled and overcoated after +/- 4 days
After 14 days, this resin is fully cured.
This resin is suitable for castings from 0.5 to 4 cm thick.
Apply up to a maximum capacity of 15 liters

Technical information

Consumption 1.1kg/mm/m2
Density 1.07 kg/litre

Calculation example 1m2 x casting 3mm thick x 1.1kg = 3.3kg required

Extra protective layer?

Do you make furniture or do you have another nice project and do you want a good protective layer? Then choose De Ijssel DD lacquer or the Wilsor DD lacquer

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
KGS packaging

10 grams, 1.50 kg, 2.00 kg, 2.50 kg, 5.00 kg, 7.50 kg, 9.00 kg, 10.00 kg, 12.00 kg, 12.50 kg, 15.00 kg, 16.00 kg, 17.00 kg, 18.00 kg, 20.00 kg, 21.00 kg, 23:00 kg, 24.00 kg, 30.00 kg, 40.00 kg, 50.00 kg




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