Mapei Primer MF


check On concrete slabs and screeds with a high moisture content
check Solvent-free
check Primer for moisture-sensitive floor coverings


On concrete slabs and screeds with a high moisture content and a high pH value, before applying moisture-sensitive floor coverings such as wood, rubber or vinyl. Primer MF can be applied to substrates with a humidity of up to 6% CM (measured with a chemical hygrometer – UNI 10329) or a relative humidity of up to 100% (measured on site with a hygrometric probe – ASTM F2170 – BS 8203). In addition, it can be used to reinforce loose and/or weakened parts.

Application examples

  • Solving moisture-related problems with concrete floor slabs or cement screeds, before a moisture-sensitive floor covering is applied.
  • Reinforcing weak cement substrates.
  • Dust-resistant treatment of loose cement or dry plaster substrates.
  • Binding agent when mixed with quartz for the preparation of a synthetic mortar for minor leveling and repair work.


Primer MF is a solvent-free, low-viscosity two-component product, which consists of 100% solids epoxy resin and penetrates very well into the pores in the substrate. Due to the total absence of solvents, Primer MF is non-flammable. In addition, the product only slightly carries the odor typical of resin-based products. Therefore, it is good to use on construction sites near living and working environments (e.g. apartments, schools, offices, etc.). After Primer MF has been applied and the resins have been polymerised, the permeability of the substrate is greatly reduced while at the same time the substrate has become intact, stronger and more wear-resistant.


0.200-0.400 kg/m2 per layer, depending on the unevenness and absorbency of the substrate (7.5 to 15 m2 per unit of 6 kg).

Additional information

Weight 6 kg




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