Owatrol Floetrol


FLOETROL® is a latex paint additive that gives interior and exterior emulsion and acrylic paints the flow properties of oil paints and offsets the adverse effects of weather and surface conditions on paints and primers.


  • Gives the paint a better flow and prevents brush marks and roller prints.
  • Improves paint workability in difficult weather conditions (extreme heat or cold, high humidity).
  • Extends the open time of the paint to create special decorative effects.
  • The result resembles a sprayed finish.
  • Reduces nozzle drying and piston jamming in cup sprayers.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the life of the paint sprayer and spray equipment components.
  • Improves spray pattern and provides better coverage.
  • Reduces the risk of uncovered areas when working with roller or brush on interior walls.
  • Less pressure needed on the roll
  • Accumulation of paint at the edges of the roll pattern is avoided.


  • For outdoor and indoor
  • Additive for waterborne paints: emulsion paint, acrylic paint, vinyl paint

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