Multi Cover Premium+ 800mm x 25m Paving Tape


check Anti-slip layer
check Shock absorbing
check Light breathable (70gr/m2/24hr)
check Moisture proof top layer

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The Product

Multi Cover Premium+ is a self-adhesive cover fleece for the temporary protection of floors and stairs. The cover fleece consists of two layers. The non-slip underlayment is non-woven and equipped with a special, moisture-insensitive adhesive layer. This way it always remains firmly attached to the floor. The top layer allows any residual vapors from the floor below to pass through. From the top, this film is moisture proof. Thanks to the non-slip top layer, dirt cannot penetrate. Multi Cover Premium+ protects the floor or stairs in a quick and easy way.


During new construction, renovation and maintenance work, Multi Cover Premium + provides safe protection for laminate, linoleum, tiles and wooden stairs. Thanks to the vapor permeable film, Multi Cover Premium + is especially suitable for floors that need to breathe slightly after installation, such as parquet, ceramic and cast floors. For covering newly laid floors that require very high vapor permeability, such as most types of natural stone, the Multi Cover Breathable is suitable. This has a vapor permeability of 2000gr/m2/24h.

Multi Cover Premium+ is supplied in multiple sizes. For covering painted or varnished stairs, Multi Cover Premium+ is available in roll sizes of 80 centimeters. This size fits any staircase as standard. The film stays firmly in place thanks to the self-adhesive bottom layer.


Multi Cover Premium+ is a particularly pleasant material to use due to the combination of non-woven cover fleece and foil. It can be processed easily and quickly. The cover fleece is supplied in rolls with the non-slip carpet pad on the outside. This allows the floor or stairs to be covered quickly and easily.

Application of Multi Cover Premium+ ensures safe protection of floor or stairs. Multi Cover Premium+ is shock absorbent and able to withstand intensive loading. The moisture-proof top layer is breathable on one side, which allows a newly laid floor to evaporate well without adversely affecting the curing process or the emission of vapors. The non-slip underlayment is self-adhesive and therefore always remains firmly in place, preventing slips and trips. Multi Cover Premium+ is reusable.

  • Easy processing
  • Shock absorbing
  • Light breathable (70gr/m2/24hr)
  • Anti-slip layer
  • Moisture proof top layer
  • Reusable

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