Mapei Keraquick Maxi S1 Grey
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Mapei Keraquick Maxi S1 Grey


check Floors, walls, indoors and outdoors
check For uneven surfaces
check Also indoor spot gluing of insulation material


  • The indoor and outdoor rapid bonding, in layer thicknesses up to 15 mm, of virtually all types and sizes of ceramic tiles (single and double fired, porcelain, clinker, terracotta, ec.) on uneven substrates and plaster, without the need for prior levelling.
  • Indoor and outdoor bonding of not particularly moisture-sensitive natural stone. Indoor bonding of composite stone.
  • Bonding thin porcelain tiles to floors, walls and exterior walls.
  • Indoor application of ceramic and natural stone on existing ceramic and stone floors that adhere well to the substrate.
  • Bonding thick, large tiles and slabs of ceramic and natural stone.
  • Indoor spot bonding of insulation materials, such as polystyrene foam, rock and glass wool, Eraclit® (wood-cement boards), sound-absorbing boards, cork, etc.

Application examples

  • Restoration work in heavily used environments and when surfaces need to be reused quickly, for example, in public areas, restaurants, roadside cafes, footpaths, supermarkets and showrooms.
  • In places where fast laying or repair is required, such as swimming pools, factory buildings (breweries, wine cellars, dairies, etc.) and cold storage rooms.
  • Fast repair work in bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens and on balconies and terraces.
  • Laying non-sucking floors over existing floors where other cement adhesives would have too slow a bond.
  • Application of marble and other natural stone, including light colors.
  • Tiling of heated screeds.
  • Application of floor and wall coverings on substrates made waterproof with products from the Mapelastic – Mapegum WPS line.


Keraquick Maxi S1 is a white or gray powder consisting of a mixture of special cements, aggregates with a selected grain structure, synthetic resins and accelerators, which provide great adhesion already within 2-3 hours after application. As a result, floors and walls can be put into service extremely quickly. Floors can be opened for use after 24 hours and walked on after only 3 hours. After mixing Keraquick Maxi S1 with water, a mortar with the following properties is created:

  • longer open time;
  • Low viscosity and therefore easy to process;
  • Prevents heavy floor tiles and large format tiles from sagging when laid on thick adhesive layers to compensate for uneven surfaces;
  • high thixotropicity;
  • Keraquick Maxi S1 can be applied to vertical surfaces without dripping and without tiles, even large and heavy tiles, sliding off in most cases. Tiles can be applied from top to bottom, without the use of grout crosses;
  • Well able to eliminate deformations in the substrate and tiles. Class S1 adhesive: transverse deformation > 2.5 mm according to the test method from EN 12004;
  • the white version has high whiteness.

Mixing Keraquick Maxi S1 with Latex Plus improves formability and allows the adhesive to meet the requirements of Class C2F S2 (fast-binding, highly formable, improved cement adhesive) according to EN 12004. The environmental impact of Keraquick Maxi S1 during its entire life cycle has been measured using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method and the results published in the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards), no. S-P- 01108; certified and published by EPD International. Keraquick Maxi S1 has very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and is EC1 R PLUS certified by the German GEV. This makes it harmless to the health of those who work with it and of the users of the rooms in which the adhesive is applied. Keraquick Maxi S1 contains 5% of recycled materials. Keraquick Maxi S1 contributes to 2 LEED points.

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